Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Neon Leopard Print Nail Art

Hey guys! I am totally slacking on getting this blog post up. I uploaded the tutorial for these nails yesterday and usually I put the blog post up at the same time, but I was too tired. Curse you time change!!

Anyway, if you guys are following me on my personal instagram ( you probably saw my photo of my new leopard print vans! I absolutely love them so much and I knew that I had to do nail art to match. A few of my instagram followers thought it would be cool if I did it as well, so I couldn't resist.

I purchased them from Zappos because it's so easy to get shoes from there. All I have to do it log in with my Amazon account. Also, it's super easy to return stuff and we all know how shoe shopping can be... If you get the wrong size when you buy online it can sometimes be a pain in the butt to return. Plus they have free shipping both ways. You can find these shoes HERE.

The base color for this design is one coat of Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear White On and one coat of China Glaze Dandy Lyin' Around.

For the bright neon spots I used a few different colors and they are:

Yellow: China Glaze Sun-Kissed
Green: China Glaze I'm With The Lifeguard
Pink: China Glaze Love's A Beach
Darker Blue: China Glaze Splish Splash
Lighter Blue: China Glaze Aquadelic

I just used a dotting tool to apply the random spots. To be honest, you probably don't even need a dotting tool to do the bright colors spots. I definitely could have gotten away with just using the polish brush, but I feel like I have more control when I use dotting tools.

For the black outer part of the leopard print I actually used acrylic paint instead of nail polish. I used acrylic paint because I know that it doesn't smear when I apply my top coat as long as it's completely dry. I use the Apple Barrel brand for acrylic paint. It's super cheap. Probably less than $1 and you can usually get it anywhere they sell craft products. I used a dotting tool for this part as well.

The top coat I used is Out The Door (like usual!). I love Out The Door. I know a lot of people have problems with it, but I never do. It dries super fast, doesn't make my polish shrink, and it's pretty shiny. Not to mention I can get a giant bottle for less than $10 at my local Sally's. WIN!

Is it possible to love a pair of shoes and a manicure too much? I'm not sure. If you can then I'm pretty sure I'm to the point of loving it too much and becoming obsessed with them! Oh well!

Would you guys wear these nails? Or the shoes? Because I definitely wear both with no shame! 

Want to give this design a try? Check out my video tutorial!


  1. I love neon so I automatically love this animal print mani!!!

  2. Oh my...your shoes are to die! And so is your mani! It's a cool twist to animal print ;)

  3. Very pretty as always, and a perfect match to the shoes!! Love this look! Maybe I will do a mani inspired by my blue checker vans (my favorite shoes!)

  4. what a perfect matching! I looove it :) the colours are great.

  5. This many is super cool! I love it.

  6. These are so cool! I love all the different bright colors!


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